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FLARE - Fuel Sloshing for Honda Aircraft Company

FLARE, Fuel efficiency for Luxury Aircraft Research Endeavors, is my second capstone project for my undergraduate degree. This is a sponsored project by Honda Aircraft Company looking to develop a fuel slosh model to better predict and understand unusable fuel amounts within their aircraft tanks during flight. The purpose of constructing this model is to reduce the number of flight tests HACI will need to complete to certify their aircraft for flight. While I support and oversee the entire project, I am primarily responsible for the design, manufacturing, and experimental testing of a test apparatus to help validate the computational model.

Key Details

- Must follow FAA AC 23-16a regulations

- Must be able to be scaled to larger aircraft

- Provides accurate (within 5% of test data) results

- Test apparatus must be able to perform maneuvers outlined in AC 23-16a

Technical Abilities

In this project, I serve as the experimental lead, working to design a small-scale version of this project to build and test in a lab. The test apparatus utilizes a 10-gallon tank supported on a 3-point system with a ball joint, and two linear actuators for movement. I also supported research efforts to help build a better foundation of knowledge needed to develop fluid slosh prediction models.

Research efforts include understanding how to apply design of experiments, Monte-Carlo simulations, or other similar simulation models to validate the fluid slosh model is accurate. Additional efforts focused on brainstorming apparatus ideas and researching existing designs. Currently, I am finalizing the test apparatus design and CAD model before purchasing all materials for fabrication. Once materials are ordered, I will assemble the test apparatus, perform initial system checks, and then run define experimental tests and collect data for use in post-run analysis.


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