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Buckeye Space Launch Initiative - Liquid Engine Project

The Buckeye Space Launch Initiative (BSLI) was founded with the goal of completing a spaceshot. To achieve that goal, the club has begun development on liquid rocket engines. During fall 2023, the team completed a test fire of an LR-101 engine. While only lasting 2 seconds, a bunch of data was gathered, and lessons were learned. Currently, the team is working to implement new solutions, and further refine the test stand in preparation for another test fire. Throughout this project, I have assisted the fluids team working with both the fuel and oxidizer lines, to reduce complexity, improve reliability, and ensure cryogenic cleaned parts remain uncontaminated. Currently, my efforts are focused on learning being the lead engineer in charge of performing CFD simulations of the existing test stand setup and provide design recommendations for an injector test stand.

Key Details

- Thrust: 3.2kN / 710 lbf

- Isp: 193 sec

- Chamber Pressure: 2.1 MPa / 300 psi

- Mobile test stand design

- Kerosene/LOX configuration

Technical Abilities

To support this project, I utilized hand and power tools to reduce test stand complexity, by removing extra joints and sensors that are no longer needed to support hot fire operations. Additionally, I am learning NASA’s Generalized Fluid System Simulation Program (GFSSP) to perform fluid flow analysis of the existing test stand system and provide design recommendations for a new injector test stand system.

Collaborating with other team members, team leads and project manager, I help to improve test stand mobility by implementing new transportation solutions such as caster wheel recommendations and new tank mounting designs. I also have helped to reduce fluid line complexity by reducing the number of fittings on the line and providing new actuator mounting solutions to aid in limiting potential points of leakage.


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