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Scarlet & Gray Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

In absence of a summer 2023 internship, I created the Scarlet & Gray UAV project. Scarlet & Gray serves as a testing ground for flight and ground control software development and testing, in addition to providing further experience with the design and development of spacecraft avionic systems. Scarlet is a custom-built flight computer running a Teensy 4.1 microcontroller, a BMP280 pressure sensor and BMI008 accelerometer. Gray is a 3D printed UAV using a single 80mm EDF propulsion unit with thrust vectoring control via four thrust vanes.

Key Details

- Mass: ~7 kg

- Thrust: 8.5 kg via EDF Motor

- LiDAR sensing for altitude

- Thrust Vector Control

- 3D Printed

- Easy to configure and modify

Technical Abilities

In this project, I utilized OnShape to 3D model the entire UAV, 3D printing techniques to fabricate the vehicles body using PLA filament.

Scarlet, the flight controller, was designed and modeled in Altium. Once I finalized PCB schematics and had the board fabricated, the avionics board was assembled by hand. Scarlet is currently being verified to ensure all components are functioning properly.

Ground control software was developed in Processing, which is based on the Java programming language. Flight control software is planned to be developed using the Arduino programming framework.


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