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STARFORM - Autonomous Robotic Satellite

STARFORM, Space-born Technologies for Autonomous Robotic Formation and Orbital Manufacturing, was developed as part of my senior capstone projects for my undergraduate Aerospace degree. This CubeSat is being designed to service satellites in LEO and for the current scope of the project, NASA’s COSMIC-2 is the target satellite for repair. Currently, I serve as the project manager and avionics lead for the project, overseeing the entire development of the satellite, including propulsion, structural, and robotic systems, while researching and designing the avionics system to support in-orbit operations.

Key Details

- Size: 12 U

- Weight: 12 kg

- Dual Robotic Arm

- 78W Power Generation

- 150 Mbps Transmission Rate

- PC104 Avionics Form Factor

- Modular design

Technical Abilities

Within this project, I have utilized my project management, team leadership, and organizational abilities to keep the team on track, and ensure design of the satellite remains on schedule and the team can produce technical reports by set deadlines. Delivered a PDR report and presentation in December 2023 and a CDR report will be complete by April 2024.

I have completed research into CubeSat Avionic Systems, including computer design and selection, communication requirements, attitude and determination sensor and mechanisms, and battery composition and size. My current efforts are focused on developing a full-scale thermal model of the satellite in orbit, perform an in-depth power analysis, and run simulations showing 3DOF attitude and determination control system functionality.


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