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Marching Pioneers Website

A responsive website designed, developed, and maintained

for the Olentangy Orange High School Marching Pioneer Band.

Developed: August, 2016 - August 2021

Project Type: Web development

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

During my time as a Marching Pioneer, and in addition to my leadership responsibilities, I designed, developed, and maintained a public website for Olentangy Orange High School's Marching Pioneer Band. Although currently, the website is hosted on Wix and uses a new template style, the original site was developed traditionally using raw HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

“We have PRIDE, We build TRADITION, We are ORANGE!”

This website was my first public project and first web development task. Through the entire process, a lot of research, reverse engineering, and self teaching occurred as I had limited web development skills and knowledge.

Meeting & Exceeding Expectations

Initial the sites requirements were just to serve as an additional media for band members and families. A place where they can obtain vital band documents such as medical forms, order equipment, and view a schedule of upcoming rehearsals and practices. Furthermore, the looks and design had no requirements, I was free to make it as basic or elegant as possible.

While I kept those key aspects in mind, I embraced the opportunity to make a website that served everyone; the band members and families, as well as the supportive and loving band community. The resultant became the current Marching Pioneers website, a place where band members can get the latest schedule and forms, while the community can view and follow the bands latest adventures.

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